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TRICKY NICK MUSIC is an independent publishing company in New York City created to represent the publishing interests of songwriter Nick Hammond.

I was born and raised in the village of Delph near Manchester, England. I had my sights set on becoming a professional cricket player when at the age of 15 I was turned around by the amazing Johnny Cash. Through this master songwriter I discovered the power of a great song and knew that’s what I wanted to do with my life.

I moved to London and began working in the film business by day and the music business by night. A few years later I decided to follow my dream and moved to New York City and Nashville, Tennessee where I was fortunate enough to meet the “Man In Black” himself. The rest is a tale to be told over a glass of vintage red or at times a glass of something not so vintage!

I work with artists, writers and producers in the USA, UK, Norway, Germany, Iceland, The Faroe Islands and wherever on the planet great co-writers are found.

At TRICKY NICK MUSIC we love creating all kinds of music and collaboration is the founding father.

Tricky Nick Music is an independent publishing company representing songwriter Nick Hammond.
Tricky Nick Music is administered by Songtrust 485 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013
Nick Hammond is an artist@JinglesPunksMusic